Faculty of Natural And Applied Sciences

Department of Biological Sciences

Academic Programmes:
* B.Sc. Biology
* B.Sc. Microbiology
* B.Sc. Plant Science & Biotechnology

Department of Chemical Sciences

Academic Programmes:
* B.Sc. Chemistry
* B.Sc. Biochemistry

Department of Earth Sciences

Academic Programmes:
* B.Sc. Geology
* B.Sc. Applied Geophysics

Department of Mathematics and Computer Sciences

Academic Programmes:
* B.Sc. Computer Science
* B.Sc. Mathematics

Department of Physics

Academic Programme:
* B.Sc. Physice

Faculty of Humanities Management and Social Sciences

Department of Accounting and Banking & Finance

Academic Programmes:
* B.Sc. Accounting
* B.Sc. Banking & Finance

Department of Business Administration

Academic Programmes:
* B.Sc. Business Administration
* B.Sc. Entrepreneurial Studies

Department of Criminology & Security Studies

Academic Programme:
* B.Sc. Criminology & Security Studies

Department of Marketing

Academic Programme:
* B.Sc. Marketing

Department of Management

Academic Programme:
* B.Sc. Management Science

Department of Economics

Academic Programme:
* B.Sc. Economics

Department of Mass Communication and Digital Media

Academic Programme:
* B.Sc. Mass Communication

Department of Political Science

Academic Programmes:
* B.Sc. Public Administration
* B.Sc. Political Science

Department of Hospitality Management and Tourism

Academic Programme:
* B.Sc. Hospitality Management and Tourism

Department of Sociology/Social Works

Academic Programmes:
* B.Sc. Sociology
* B.Sc. Peace & Conflict Resolution
* B.Sc. Criminology and Security Studies

Department of Languages & Linguistics

Academic Programme:
* B.A. English

Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences

Department of Human Anatomy

Academic Programme:
* B.Sc. Anatomy

Department of Human Physiology

Academic Programme:
* B.Sc. Physiology

Department of Public Health

Academic Programme:
* B.Sc. Public Health

Department of Nursing Science

Academic Programme:
* B.Nsc Nursing Science

Department of Medical Laboratory Science

Academic Programme:
* B.MLS Medical Laboratory Science

Department of Optometry

Academic Programme:
* D.O. Doctor of Optometry

Faculty of Law

Department of Law

Academic Programme:
* LL.B Law

Faculty of Education

Department of Arts and Social Science Education

Academic Programme:
* B.Sc.(Ed.) Education/Economics
* B.Sc.(Ed.) Education/Political Science

Department of Educational Foundations

Academic Programme:
* B.Ed. Early Childhood Care Education
* B.Ed. Educational Management
* B.Ed. Educational Technology
* B.Ed. Guidance and Counselling
* B.Ed. Primary Education

Department of Science Education

Academic Programme:
* B.Sc.(Ed.) Education/Biology
* B.Sc.(Ed.) Education/Chemistry
* B.Sc.(Ed.) Education/Computer Science

Department of Vocational and Technical Education

Academic Programme:
* B.Ed. Business Education