Arthur Jarvis University Celebrates Students' Week 2023

From May 29th to June 4th, Arthur Jarvis University (AJU) hosted an exciting Students' Week 2023. The event was packed with activities that showcased students' talents, fostered intellectual discussions, and celebrated achievements.

Career Day and NYSC Pre-Mobilization Lecture provided valuable insights for students' future careers. Professionals shared their experiences and guidance, empowering students to make informed choices.

Cultural Day showcased the university's diversity with traditional attire, dances, and art forms, promoting cultural appreciation and learning. Theatre Night showcased students' acting prowess and creativity, captivating the audience with thought-provoking dramas and hilarious comedies.

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The Talent Show and Picnic highlighted students' unique talents, from singing to poetry, leaving everyone in awe of their abilities. The Students' Discussion Forum encouraged open dialogue on various topics, fostering critical thinking and collaboration among students. 'AJU Biggest Rave' was an unforgettable night party where students danced and created lasting memories.

The week concluded with the Dinner and Award Night, recognizing exceptional students for their achievements in academics, leadership, and extracurricular activities. A Thanksgiving Service marked the end of Students' Week, expressing gratitude and looking forward to the future.

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Students' Week 2023 at AJU showcased the vibrant spirit and talent of the community, providing enriching experiences. The university remains committed to nurturing well-rounded individuals and fostering creativity.


Written by
Vina Osaigbovo-Ugbede | PRO/Head, SCCD, Arthur Jarvis University
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