Arthur Jarvis University's Mass Communications Department Successfully Concludes Accreditation Exercise

Arthur Jarvis University's commitment to academic excellence and continuous improvement was exemplified through the recently conducted accreditation exercise for the Mass Communications department. A three-member team comprising Prof Christian Ngwu, Prof Sabo Kente, and Mr Domingo Tubosun, a representative from the National Universities Commission (NUC), led the comprehensive evaluation.

The accreditation exercise, held on November 29th, 2023, encompassed an extensive assessment of various facilities and departments vital to the Mass Communications curriculum. The team meticulously visited key areas, including the library, e-library, lecture rooms, photography studio, radio station, TV station, and the faculty, among others. Each space was scrutinized to ensure compliance with accreditation standards and to evaluate the overall quality of resources available to students.

The accreditation team commenced their visit with a respectful courtesy call to the office of the Vice Chancellor, Prof Benedict Iserom Ita. This gesture reflected the collaborative spirit underlying the accreditation process, emphasizing mutual respect and dialogue between evaluators and the university administration.

2023Accreditaton8.jpg 2023Accreditation9.jpg
The exit meeting, a pivotal component of the accreditation exercise, was conducted under the auspices of the Chancellor Sir Jarvis Archibong, with the presence of senior management staff, including the Vice Chancellor, Prof Benedict Iserom Ita, the Registrar, Lady Mary Effiom Dan- Abia, the Director of Academic Planning, Dr. Oliver Okon, and the Bursar, Mr. Eric Akpera. Academic staff members also attended the meeting.

This gathering provided a platform for an in-depth discussion, exchange of ideas, and comprehensive deliberations regarding the observations and recommendations put forth by the accreditation team. It was a moment of collaborative reflection, wherein the university's leadership and academic experts engaged in constructive dialogue aimed at further enhancing the quality of the Mass Communications program.

As the university eagerly anticipates the official accreditation results, this exercise stands as a testament to Arthur Jarvis University's unwavering commitment to delivering top-tier education and continuously striving for excellence in all academic endeavors.

The entire Arthur Jarvis University community remains optimistic about the positive outcome of the accreditation exercise, eagerly looking forward to the continued growth and success of the Mass Communications department.

Stay tuned for the official accreditation announcement as the university endeavors to maintain its unwavering standards of academic brilliance and innovative education.


Written by
Elizabeth Ita | PRO/Head, SCCD, Arthur Jarvis University