Arthur Jarvis University Students Dazzle at LAWSAN Convention

Students from the prestigious Faculty of Law attended the LAWSAN (Law Students Association of Nigera) convention which started on the 9th of November and ran through to 12th November. Many activities were featured during the convention including The National Moot Championship, Brief Writing Round and National Public Speaking Competition.

Many institutions registered for all three competitions. However, only nine universities were shortlisted for the final stage, and only three ultimately emerged as champions, with Arthur Jarvis University clinching one title or the other in every single competition!

Lawsan Convention2.jpg Lawsan Convention3.jpg

 In the National Moot Championship, Arthur Jarvis University was 2nd runner-up, Niger Delta University as 1st runner-up while University of Ilorin was declared the winner. Accordingly, in the brief writing round, Niger Delta University won with just a mark difference (24 out of 35) from the Arthur Jarvis University finishing points (23 points out of 35), Arthur Jarvis University came in second place while University of Ilorin was third place with 17 points out of 35. 

In the public speaking competition, which held during the Law dinner, only a single candidate represented each institution and Victor Anjeh represented Arthur Jarvis University. After a heated debate, the results were announced and the candidate representing Arthur Jarvis University emerged 1st runner-up and the candidate from University of Ilorin emerged 2nd runner-up. The winner was the candidate from Taraba State University, who again won by just a mark over the candidate from Arthur Jarvis University.

LAWSAN Convention4.jpg Lawsan Pic Penultimate 2.jpg

Arthur Jarvis University was extensively applauded by Compos Mentis Legal practitioners, the official sponsors of the Moot Championship. In exact their words, "Your brief was near flawless and we are tempted to publish it." They acknowledged their appreciation of the efforts put in by the students of Arthur Jarvis University and to this end, made a promise of hosting a Moot Championship in Arthur Jarvis University, come January 2023.