Empowering Excellence: Recap of the Inaugural One-Day Workshop For Administrative Staff of Arthur Jarvis University

On Thursday, September 28th, 2023, a significant milestone was achieved as Arthur Jarvis University hosted its inaugural administrative staff workshop. The event, held at the esteemed Arthur Jarvis University Study Centre in Calabar, brought together a dedicated cadre of administrative professionals, esteemed guests, and prominent speakers. This groundbreaking workshop aimed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of university and high school administration.

The day began with the registration of administrative staff, creating a vibrant atmosphere of anticipation. Distinguished guests, including Prof. Ani Nkang, the Vice Chancellor, and Lady Mary Effiom Dan-Abia, the Registrar, graced the occasion with their presence. The opening ceremony commenced with a warm welcome address from the Registrar, setting the tone for the day's proceedings. Subsequently, Prof. Ani Nkang, the Vice Chancellor, delivered a goodwill message, officially inaugurating the workshop.

The workshop recognized the importance of evaluating existing knowledge and identifying areas for improvement. To this end, pre and post-tests were administered, providing participants with a tangible measure of their progress throughout the workshop.

Workshop 2.jpeg Workshop 5.jpeg
The heart of the event featured three dynamic workshop sessions, each meticulously tailored to equip the administrative staff with critical skills and knowledge necessary for their roles.

The first workshop was on University Administration and was expertly led by Dr. Esuong Anekan, Director of the Quality Assurance Department at the Ministry of Education headquarters.

The second workshop was on documentation and record-keeping guided by Mr. Emmanuel Ekanem, Director of the Quality Assurance Department at the Ministry of Education headquarters. Attendees gained valuable insights into the crucial aspects of document management, efficient record-keeping practices, etc.

The third workshopwas on work ethics in Arthur Jarvis University facilitated by Mr. Edward Akomaye, Director of the Management Development Institute at the Ministry of Education headquarters. He emphasized the importance of ethical conduct in the workplace and discussed professional conduct and the need to uphold the Values of AJU.

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Mr. Emmanuel Ekanem returned to lead a climate-setting session, fostering an atmosphere of collaboration, mutual respect, and openness among the attendees. This session aimed to ensure that the knowledge gained during the workshops would be effectively applied within the university.

The workshop concluded with a memorable closing ceremony where attendees shared closing remarks, expressing their gratitude and enthusiasm for the knowledge gained. A collective statement of commitment was made, reinforcing the dedication of the administrative staff to the betterment of Arthur Jarvis University. Additionally, an oath of secrecy was taken, emphasizing the importance of confidentiality in university administration.

As Arthur Jarvis University continues to evolve, this workshop serves as a shining example of its commitment to excellence in education and administration. The knowledge gained and the bonds formed during this event will undoubtedly contribute to the continued success of the university.


Written by
Vina Osaigbovo-Ugbede | PRO/Head, SCCD, Arthur Jarvis University
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