Ensuring Quality Education: Accreditation Exercise at Arthur Jarvis University's Anatomy Department

At Arthur Jarvis University, our commitment to maintaining academic excellence and ensuring the highest standards of education remains unwavering. As part of our continuous efforts towards quality assurance, the Anatomy department recently underwent an accreditation exercise conducted by a team of esteemed professionals.

The accreditation team, comprising Prof. Shehu Rafindadi, the leader of the team, Prof Kenneth Ordu, and Mr. Domingo Tubosun (NUC representative), commenced the exercise on the 23rd of November 2023. The team embarked on a comprehensive assessment, meticulously examining various facets of the Anatomy department's facilities, resources, and academic processes.

The exercise encompassed visits to essential areas within the department, including the library, anatomy laboratory, e-library, lecture rooms, and faculty offices. These visits provided the accreditation team with a holistic view of our institution's infrastructure and resources dedicated to enhancing the learning experience for our students.

2023Accreditation5.jpg 2023Accreditation6.jpg
Moreover, the team conducted a courtesy visit to the office of our esteemed Vice Chancellor, Prof. Benedict Iserom Ita, affirming our commitment to transparency and collaboration in ensuring quality education. This visit laid the groundwork for a fruitful exchange of ideas and insights aimed at furthering the department's academic endeavors.

The culmination of the accreditation exercise was marked by an exit meeting on November 24th, 2023, held at the Arthur Jarvis University Study Centre. The meeting brought together senior management staff, including the Vice Chancellor, Registrar, Director of Academic Planning, Bursar, and esteemed academic faculty members. The discussions during this meeting reflected our dedication to fostering academic rigor and meeting the stringent criteria set forth by accreditation bodies.

The active participation of the accreditation team and the collaborative engagement of our faculty and staff underscore our ongoing commitment to excellence in education. As we await the outcome of the accreditation, we remain steadfast in our pursuit of delivering top-notch education and ensuring that our students receive the best learning experience possible.

Arthur Jarvis University continues to uphold its mission of providing a conducive environment for holistic learning, where academic rigor meets innovation, and students are nurtured to become future leaders in their respective fields.

Stay tuned for further updates on the accreditation results as we continue our journey toward academic excellence.

Written by
Elizabeth Ita | PRO/Head, SCCD, Arthur Jarvis University