The culture conference is an event that takes place once every academic session. It is a dynamic 3-day program which encompasses three events: an opening event on the first day, the main conference on the second day and something fun, interesting and definitely extracurricular on the third day. For instance, last year, there was a family picnic, which was so much fun. This year's event was the best because something magnificent, something splendid, which had never happened in Arthur Jarvis University was introduced on the third day: 'The Grand Luncheon.' Below is a summary of each event of the conference.

On Thursday, the 22nd of June, 2023, being the first day of the programme, there was an outreach to the cleaners of Arthur Jarvis University. This was organized by the Kooffreh Edem Chambers in collaboration with the South South Lawsan Directorate of Policies, Programs and Projects. This event was to recognize their invaluable contributions, to create a sense of belonging and provide support for their personal and professional development. Later that day, there was a friendly competition and match between the Faculty of Law and the Department of Mass Communication.

On Friday, the 23rd of June, a symposium was organized by the chambers for all LAWSANites and the topic was "The Efficacy and Impact of Alternative Dispute Resolution on the Legal Profession" which was delivered by the pioneer Attorney General of the chambers, Asi Iso Usang who did an excellent job in introducing and extensively explaining the topic of the symposium.

Koofreh Edem 2 2023.jpeg Koofreh Edem 2023.jpeg
On Saturday, the 24th of June, the Grand Luncheon was hosted by the chambers. Every member of the faculty who wanted to be part of the celebration was invited. The event was graced with the presence of her Worship Magistrate Ekei Kooffreh who represented Justice Kooffreh Edem, after whom the chambers is named. Other dignitaries were also in attendance. The event was a huge success and a testament of the leadership and organizational skills of our students as they planned and executed it from start to finish, all by themselves.


Written by
Vina Osaigbovo-Ugbede | PRO/Head, SCCD, Arthur Jarvis University
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