Inaugural Seminar Marks a Milestone in the Faculty of Natural & Applied Sciences

In a momentous stride towards academic enlightenment, the Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences proudly hosted its first-ever seminar, transcending the traditional boundaries of knowledge on 21st November, 2023.

This landmark event brought together scholars, and enthusiasts alike, creating an atmosphere charged with intellectual curiosity and a shared passion for discovery.

The seminar hall buzzed with anticipation as faculty members gathered to witness the birth of a new era in the Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences. The stage, adorned with symbols of scientific inquiry, served as a symbolic gateway to a realm where ideas would be explored, challenged, and expanded.


The Speaker: Prof Benedict Ita (Vice Chancellor) delivered the seminar with the topic: “Bound State Energy Eigenvalues of Selected Diatomic Molecules of the N-Dimensional Schrodinger Equation with a Collective Potential Model“.


As the curtains closed on the inaugural seminar, the Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences stood at the threshold of a promising future. The event served not only as a celebration of current achievements but also as a harbinger of the limitless possibilities awaiting exploration. The enthusiasm and intellectual energy generated during this seminar are destined to fuel ongoing research, collaboration, and innovation within the faculty.


The first maiden seminar in the Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences marked a pivotal moment in the academic journey of the institution. With its resounding success, it set the stage for future seminars, promising a continuous exchange of ideas and a legacy of academic excellence in the pursuit of knowledge.