Faculty of Natural & Applied Sciences

Dr. Edet Asanga

Dean's Welcome Message

It is with unwavering enthusiasm that I extend a resplendent welcome to each member of the AJU FNAS community. Our faculty constitute the following departments: chemical sciences, biological sciences, mathematics and computer science, earth sciences, and physics with all its programs fully accredited by National Universities Commission (NUC). Also, our graduates are gainfully employed whereas some are pursuing their graduate studies within and outside the country. Therefore, as the doors of our revered University swings open for the 2023/2024 academic session; heralding the return of our illustrious scholars and students; a vibrant tapestry of hope is rekindled within this scientific and technology-driven faculty.

With hearts brimming with anticipation, we embark upon a new chapter, cognizant of the privileges bestowed upon us to nurture and mold the minds that shall shape tomorrow’s world with innovations and creativity in research areas such as cyber security, artificial intelligence, machine learning, bioinformatics, drug discovery and development, biotechnology, geophysical and geotechnical sciences, and even biomedical sciences. The aura of learning, awaits to be unfurled, revealing its treasures anew, beckoning to be explored, savored, and cherished.

To our valued students, you are the stars that illuminate our faculty’s educational firmament. Your curiosity, tenacity, and insatiable thirst for knowledge are the true compass that guides our course; therefore, refrain and desist from all ignoble acts and misdemeanors. My dearest students, through the vicissitudes of each academic endeavor, be rest assured that you shall find in us steadfast mentors, unwavering in our commitment to kindle the flame of brilliance within each of you in theory and practice in our quest to activate the myriads of talents in you.

To our esteemed faculty board, you are the custodian of wisdom, the sentinels of enlightenment with unrivaled dedication; you have been inspiring, enlightening, empowering, and sculpting minds with paragons of erudition. Your pedagogic prowess, are beacon that illuminates the path toward enlightenment, igniting the flames of intellectual curiosity in each student’s heart. Please, be guided, continue daring to be different.

Be rest assured dear members of the FNAS community, that this academic sojourn shall be innovative and satisfactory. The University environment shall reverberate with the hum of curiosity; the lecture halls and laboratories shall brim with the symphony of learning, and the hearts shall beat with unison, forging bonds, generating positive energies that endure beyond the confines of this faculty.

As we embark upon this new epoch, let us do so with hearts opened, minds engaged, and spirits emboldened. Together, we shall script tales of triumph, of discovery, and of boundless potentials realized. With profound excitement and boundless optimism, I welcome you all to faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences for the 2023/2024 academic session in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Dr. Edet Asanga

Acting Dean, FNAS, AJU.