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The university library is a critical arm of the institution whose planning and set-up even pre-dated the physical structure that houses it. This was as a measure meant to ensure that a core collection of indispensible books would be available to the department, faculties, staff and students from the day they arrived on campus. The library came alive with the University in 2017 with the basic reading materials and has grown its volume over time. The building is designed to accommodate constant growth and has the architecture that represents academic library of old, now and the future. The library has amassed itself with extremely strong collections of books both in print and soft copies ranging from Hard science to humanities with special Research collections.


Arthur Jarvis University library holds volumes of materials and item in all formats, languages and subjects, including Serials, Audio Visual materials, electronic books, films, maps. The library also has material in Music of all genre. You can find books in Mathematics, Biology, English, literature, linguistics, Chemistry, Chemical science, Geology, Geography, entomology, botany and serial access to all disciplines. The library is also farmous for its outstanding serene reading environment.


The ultimate goal of Arthur Jarvis University library is to become the nations’ leading institution in terms of physical and electronic access to its collections. The library is well known for allowing anyone , not just the university community to use its collections. That is why we are embarking on a mission to remove the seemingly barriers of TIME, DISTANCE and PLACE hindering people from accessing the library materials through our advanced information and communication system using the e-library at the I.C.T department of the university.


The undergraduates are offered a serene center of knowledge acquisition at their disposal. We also offer other important services such as course reserved office hours where students can drop in to get assistance with researches, projects, assignments including career guidiance.

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