Lady Mary Efiom Dan Abia


Lady Mary Efiom Dan Abia is a seasoned administrator with remarkable interpersonal skills and a talent for effective communication. Her journey to success began with the pursuit of knowledge, culminating in a postgraduate diploma in education (1984) and a master’s degree in Educational administration (M. Ed) from the prestigious University of Lagos in 1985.

Her early career showcased her dedication as a teacher in the then Cross River State between 1981-1983, leaving a lasting impact on the education system. Lady Mary further honed her skills during her time in different NYSC state formations and the Directorate Headquarters, where her ingenuity and unwavering commitment were evident. She excelled in roles as a Focal person in NYSC’s collaborations with INEC on Election matters and with UNICEF and other UN units on Reproductive health projects, achieving great milestones.

Retiring as the pioneer Director of the department of Skill Acquisition and Entrepreneurship, Lady Mary Efiom Dan-Abia has left an indelible mark on the NYSC program. Her policies and programs have added inestimable value to the relevance of the scheme today. In addition to her achievements in the corporate world, she has shown entrepreneurial prowess in the manufacturing and processing industries.

Her impressive journey continued as she was appointed to serve on the NYSC National Selection Committee since 2018, a testament to her expertise and leadership. In another significant endeavor, she played a pivotal role in establishing and administering the Arthur Jarvis University High School from inception until 2023. Her dedication and commitment were recognized with a promotion to Deputy Registrar in January 2023, and shortly after, she assumed the role of Ag. Registrar of the Arthur Jarvis University.

Beyond her professional achievements, Lady Mary is renowned as a friend of the young people, serving as a youth counselor and motivational speaker. Her passion for empowering and inspiring the next generation is unrivaled, making her a true inspiration to all who cross her path.

With a strong commitment to excellence, unwavering determination, and a passion for uplifting others, Lady Mary Efiom Dan Abia stands as a shining example of corporate leadership and an embodiment of success in every sense. Her life is one that captures the essence of a true visionary and trailblazer.